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Wealthy Habits Podcast

Are there some important financial questions and considerations that you've overlooked? On this show, we want to come alongside your financial and retirement journey to help you answer those questions and experience financial success.

Dave Elizondo and Drue Kampmann are Co-Founders of True Financial Partners, serving the Quad Cities. Their goal is to provide you with great information and education to help you retire with security and comfort.

As you get closer to retirement, the money choices you make become more and more critical. So make sure you're getting proper guidance and help along the way. On the Wealthy Habits Podcast, we'll cover things like social security, taxes, income planning, investments and so much more.

Reach out if you have any questions at or by calling 563-359-8783.

Dec 7, 2023

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Eleanor Roosevelt… Ever wish you could foresee financial missteps before they happen? In today’s episode explore some real-life stories of regret and arm yourself with the essential dos and don'ts to ensure your money works for you, not against you.

Stay tuned as Dave and Drue warn against retiring too early without a proper plan, overpaying for your children’s college tuition, overspending in your peak earning years, and more. Whether you're in your 20s or approaching retirement, this episode offers practical insights and strategies to help you make informed financial decisions and avoid common financial pitfalls.


Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • Taking premature IRA withdrawals
  • “Lifestyle creep” in peak earning years + the danger of overspending
  • Tuition costs and supporting adult children
  • Retiring too early without a proper plan
  • Roth IRA advantages and the importance of financial education


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