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Wealthy Habits Podcast

Are there some important financial questions and considerations that you've overlooked? On this show, we want to come alongside your financial and retirement journey to help you answer those questions and experience financial success.

Dave Elizondo and Drue Kampmann are Co-Founders of True Financial Partners, serving the Quad Cities. Their goal is to provide you with great information and education to help you retire with security and comfort.

As you get closer to retirement, the money choices you make become more and more critical. So make sure you're getting proper guidance and help along the way. On the Wealthy Habits Podcast, we'll cover things like social security, taxes, income planning, investments and so much more.

Reach out if you have any questions at or by calling 563-359-8783.

Dec 29, 2022

Sometimes it might seem like talking to your financial advisor feels like talking to a therapist, and that’s OK. Today we’re discussing some scenarios where it’s almost inevitable that a talk with your advisor seems like a counseling session.

Whether you’re getting a divorce or having career difficulties, your financial advisor should be there to help guide you through the financial transition.

On today’s show, we’ll share:

  • How we help clients going through a divorce. (2:48)
  • How we handle clients’ career difficulties. (6:20)
  • How we help clients who don’t like talking about money. (8:39)

Listen to more of our conversation in the podcast or reach out to us to talk about your financial situation and goals.

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