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Wealthy Habits Podcast

Are there some important financial questions and considerations that you've overlooked? On this show, we want to come alongside your financial and retirement journey to help you answer those questions and experience financial success.

Dave Elizondo and Drue Kampmann are Co-Founders of True Financial Partners, serving the Quad Cities. Their goal is to provide you with great information and education to help you retire with security and comfort.

As you get closer to retirement, the money choices you make become more and more critical. So make sure you're getting proper guidance and help along the way. On the Wealthy Habits Podcast, we'll cover things like social security, taxes, income planning, investments and so much more.

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Jun 22, 2023

From time to time, we like to look at issues faced by people in other professions outside of the financial world and see what kind of retirement planning lessons we can learn from these other professions. Today, we’re seeing what we can learn from teachers and the issues they face.

For example, some teachers might enjoy giving homework assignments, but most of them just see it as a necessary evil. In retirement planning, nobody likes homework either. A few people really enjoy getting into the nitty-gritty with their investments, but most people want the process to be painless and simple. A good advisor can take a lot of that pain and annoyance out of the process for you, but the truth is that you still need to be involved. 

In addition to gathering up statements and making sure you know what you have, you also need to think about your goals, dreams, and desired lifestyle and be able to articulate those to an advisor so that your plan can truly be customized to you. Listen to today’s show to hear even more examples of how teaching can teach us lessons about financial planning.


Here's what we'll talk about on today's show:

  • Everybody hates homework. (4:08)
  • Standardized testing isn’t ideal. (7:17)
  • Everything has pros and cons. (9:19)


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