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Wealthy Habits Podcast

Are there some important financial questions and considerations that you've overlooked? On this show, we want to come alongside your financial and retirement journey to help you answer those questions and experience financial success.

Dave Elizondo and Drue Kampmann are Co-Founders of True Financial Partners, serving the Quad Cities. Their goal is to provide you with great information and education to help you retire with security and comfort.

As you get closer to retirement, the money choices you make become more and more critical. So make sure you're getting proper guidance and help along the way. On the Wealthy Habits Podcast, we'll cover things like social security, taxes, income planning, investments and so much more.

Reach out if you have any questions at or by calling 563-359-8783.

Nov 16, 2023

We’ve got a mailbag edition of the podcast for you today! We’ve received some excellent listener questions recently, and we’re going to dive into a few of them in this episode. We cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from 529 plans to advisor fee structures, so stick around to see what you can learn.

Rosemary asks how much is too much to spend on a forever home. Valerie asks Dave and Drue for their thoughts on combining finances after getting remarried. Stay tuned as we explore potential pitfalls and offer practical advice on navigating the complexities of retirement.


Here are some of the questions we answer in today’s show:

  • I owe 21,000 on my truck, but that's my only debt. Should I make a withdrawal from my 401K to pay off the truck and be debt free?
  • Should I set up a 529 plan for my grandkids or just invest on my own and give them the money when they go to school?
  • How much is too much to spend on a forever home?
  • I’ll likely be a widow for a significant portion of my retirement years. What sort of financial planning challenges does this create for me?
  • I've talked to a few financial advisors about how they get paid and it sounds like they all have completely different models. Are there this many different fee structures or does everyone just explain it differently?


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